Gender Stratification

Lately the talk of how women don’t have the same rights as men do. Men have the better physical or social power then women do but it’s because the men don’t give the women a chance to use those power’s. Men don’t believe we are like them, that we are weak and can’t do the same things as men can. You see more men in office or as lawyers; the woman are secretaries or are waitresses.  But people say you don’t see women as more violent with men, but in reality we do have just as much viloence then men. You see more women beating the crap out of cheating men or in past couple years women as child moulester in schools. Women do have some power but men have a lot more.


Everyone always thinks a mother should stay home with the kids. That mothers should helps kids with their homework and do house cleaning. But now a days men can stay home and be a stay at home dad.

In the industrial revolution, men would be the one’s at the factories working with their kids. The mothers would have to stay home and take care of the house and kids. But in today’s society women have more job offer’s. They are at the same level as men. Women can be lawyers, construction workers, firefighters, police officer’s, etc.

Also kids need their father in their life. They need help with school work. It’s that leader ship they need. Father can do the same things as women can do.