This Week: Updates from the Service-Learning Office

The Service-Learning Club and Student-Leaders invites all to take part in a series on Diversity that explores issues relating to diversity in our county. This weeks topic will cover socioeconomic status (class), and one community member’s experience around living and working in our community. Kim McMann will share her experiences and answer questions from students. It will take place in the Rear of the SBA Lounge at 2:00 on April 10th.
Future dates, at the same time and location, will take place on April 17th (Gender and Sexuality; Peg Cookson), May 1st (Race; Eddie Taylor) and May 8th (Religion; Chaplains from Williams College).
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Spotlight on Student Leaders: Kimberly (Jade) Rose

My name is Kimberly (Jade) Rose, I am 23 and this is my second semester participating as a student leader for the Service-Learning program. I am transferring next semester to a four year college to major in noetic and neuro psychology.  Throughout middle school and high school I was involved in many service oriented community programs including; Habitat for Humanity, UNITY Youth Leadership, Grooove, GSA to name a few. I have always believed in helping people, it is part of my personal mantra and it’s the right thing to do. Community outreach is so vital to many people because it opens door ways to unknown or, seemingly, unreachable places for those seeking it. It is important, to me, to stay active in my own community by giving back and helping others. After graduating high school, I joined an AmeriCorps programs called City Year. This allowed me to work directly with under-privileged youth, tutoring them and leading after school programs. It was amazing to watch the kids grow, learn, and come realize that they had true potential and that they can make a positive difference in their own lives as well as those around them. Service-Learning is an amazing way to connect, network and build a foundation to so many potential paths in your life. I will always seek out service-oriented programs, no matter which direction I follow.

Spotlight on Student Leaders: Patrick Meunier

Hi! My name is Patrick Meunier. I am a Liberal Arts major geared towards mathematics where I one day hope to achieve a P.h.D. I’m an Apple aficionado, I am a member of the Student Government Ambassadors, and I am a Facilitator in the Language Lab. I one day hope to teach mathematics at a higher institution. I have gone through Catholic Schools all my life and therein I learned to be a part of community service. I use Service Learning as a means of continuing my community service, as well as to strengthen my character as a person.

Spotlight on Student Leaders: Janet Notarfrancesco


Hello, my name is Janet Notarfrancesco.  I moved to Pittsfield 3 ½ years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be closer to my son.  After 15 years in the mortgage business, I decided I want to change careers.  I am at BCC for human services and I want to continue my education to get my masters in Social Work.  After I graduate, I want to work in hospice and with our elders. I love to make people smile and improve the quality of their life.  I believe the greatest gift you can give anyone is the gift of your time.  Before moving to Massachusetts, I volunteered at my church to visit our shut-in members.   Recently I have volunteered at the Christian Center making food bags.  Our service-learning program is very important to me because I believe it is important to give back to your community and help those less fortunate.

Spotlight on Student Leaders: Matthew Moulton


Hello my name is Matthew Moulton I was born in Vasuli, Barlad Romania. I was adopted into my family when I was about three years old and have been here ever since. I am the youngest of eleven, and the best looking. I love to play golf, cook, and hang out with my friends. My passion in life is music; I have been a musician for over ten years and have learned multiple instruments. I am in a band now and focusing most of my time on that unless I am at school. After high school I mainly worked simple little jobs from teaching guitar to even digging graves. After realizing that I wanted more out of my life I decided that school was the way to go for me. I am going to B.C.C. for business administration at B.C.C. and eventually I want to go to Berklee for sound engineer. My father used to help people who were in need and sometimes he would ask me to help and helping him has made an impression on me. In high school I did a lot of community services and after I came to Berkshire Community College I decided that I wanted to help the community again, I just love helping people out when they need it. I want to be the best person that I can be.


Up and Coming in Pittsfield

  • Every 4th Monday, Councilor Morandi (Ward 2) is offering an opportunity for members of his ward to come together and discuss issues facing their community. For more information, please contact the Councilor at


  • The Morningside Initiative’s Neighborhood Development committee invites residents and community members to continue the discussion on making the Morningside community stronger and safer.  Starting at 6:00 PM at the Goodwill Donation and Training Center on Tyler Street, join the Morningside Initiative and community members to discuss steps the community can take to build a safer neighborhood including strengthening the Neighborhood Watch efforts in the
    Morningside Neighborhood.


  • The Pittsfield’s Office of Community Development is offering an opportunity for all to give input on funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Director Deanna Ruffer will provide background on eligible and ineligible programs, announce changes to the available funds and provide an open forum for the community to discuss projects to which they feel the funds should go. The next public hearing will take place during the West Side Initiative’s meeting at Conte Community School on February 27th at 5:30.

Service-Learning Updates

This week brings about several special updates from the Service-Learning Office.

Today, February 13th, is the last day of Orientations. Students were required to attend one of the four sessions made available to them by our office. So far, we have approximately 40 students signed-up! These students signed-up for the service stipend and to get their CORI (Background) Check through BCC. They were also directed to their potential service sites to check the CORI prior to placement. As a final step, students will have their project agreement prepared, and returned, for the office’s records by March 2nd before their first day of work. These project agreements share the student’s learning goals, schedule of service and placement information with the site coordinator and the sponsoring faculty member. Once these are filled out, any additional requirements are met and CORIs have been officially cleared the students can expect to start at their placement.


In addition to orientations, we have a few new members joining our Service-Learning Student Leader Ship! Kimberly, who joined as a leader last semester, is joined by Patrick and Janet. As a team, they will be performing site visits, helping students, and creating some powerful programming to start in the Spring among other responsibilities. They have their first meeting on Friday.


MCLA’s Student-Leader Conference

This past Saturday, February 4th, Student-Leaders from Service-Learning and Student Government Ambassadors attended the Student-Leader Conference at MCLA. They heard from spectacular presenters on a variety of subjects and enjoyed an address by Ryan Penneau the Keynote Speaker for the day.

All four sessions, throughout the course of the day, encompassed the theme “With great power comes great responsibility.” Being a Student-Leader is often a great feat and the conference certainly helped participants to address the many aspects and difficulties as a Student-Leader. Sessions discussed topics like what to do when leaders graduate and a new batch arrives, technology and leadership, leading diverse populations, networking and much more.

Overall, it was a great day and definitely encouraged growth of BCC Student Leadership!


Orientation and Sign-Ups

In order to start, students are required to attend an orientation in order to sign-up for Service-Learning, check their CORI through BCC and file the proper paperwork to receive the service stipend with financial aid. All of the orientation sessions will be held in Field 202, the computer lab near TRIO.
Service-Learning Orientations Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 2nd (12:15-1:15pm)
Wed, Feb 8th (1-2pm)
Thursday, Feb, 9th (12:15-1:15pm)
Monday , Feb. 13th (4:15-5:15pm)

Required for Orientation

Student ID

Two Forms of Government ID

What’s New in the County

A lot is happening in Pittsfield (and beyond).

Last week, a powerful series, held by Multicultural BRIDGE began last Monday at 5:30 which started a powerful three-week program on Race in which a film was shown followed by a facilitated conversation regarding the subject of discussion. Last week, the biology of the human race and the social construct of race was explored through film and discussion. This week and next week the series continues, Monday at 5:30.

See the advertisement below:


There are additional opportunities to participate in the same series throughout the county. Take part in the discussion and learn a new way of seeing “race”.

Additionally, the Morningside Initiative will host another Community Watch meeting at the Morningside School Cafeteria at 6:00 on Wednesday, January 25th. It will be an opportunity for community members to discuss the safety of their community and ways to connect (while working towards a better Morningside).