Project Forms & Due Dates

Overview: Important Due Dates

1. Project Agreement

  • Due by March 3th @ SL Office with all signatures.

  • Discuss with site supervisor & faculty for approval and signatures.

2. Log of Service Hours

  • Fill out weekly

  • Due May 9th @ SL Office with supervisor’s signature.

3. Timesheet for Service-Stipend:

  • Fill out weekly. (Your supervisor submits to Fin Aid on Thursdays.)

1.) SL Project Agreement

Purpose: Outlines your learning goals for your Service-Learning project. Talk to your faculty or SL Office if you have questions.

When: Fill out your project agreement with your site supervisor on your first day. Ask for their approval and signature.

For credit: Present your Service-Learning Project Agreement to your faculty for approval and signature.

Lastly, deliver to the Service-Learning Office by March 4th* to Service-Learning Office Hawthorne-215 for a final signature and held on file.

     *Missing this deadline means you cannot participate in Service-Learning this semester.

2.) Log of Service Hours

Purpose: Keep an ongoing record your service hours throughout the semester.

When: Ask for your site supervisor’s approval and sign off every time you serve.

For credit: Due to the Service-Learning Office on the completion of your 15 service hours. Must be received by the last day of classes on May 9th.

Service-Learning Office forwards your total service hours to your Service-Learning faculty for consideration in your service-learning project grade.

3.) Service Stipend: Time Sheets

Purpose: To receiving a service stipend.

When: Fill out weekly time sheets (yellow half sheet – pick up at Fin. Aid.)

For credit: Ask your site supervisor to fax (442-8930) or mail them to BCC Fin. Aid ATTN: Karrie Trautman

(Due by 10 am every Thursday.)

3.) Student Survey

(Preview the survey that you will be required to complete upon finishing your semester’s service)


Community Evaluation

Purpose: Feedback on your performance at your SL site.

When: End of semester, for Community Site Supervisor to fill out.

For Credit: Your faculty (and you) will receive a copy for review.

(See link for performance measures that your Community Site Supervisor is looking for!)





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