The More You Know Monday

Welcome back readers. Today is Monday and I am posting a throwback from a few weeks ago in case you missed it! I hope that you all took some time over the weekend to relax and recharge yourselves. As we continue to do our best to have a positive attitude and work towards a more mindful state of being it often help to have facts. Knowledge Scrabble Tiles If we as humans are left to make assumptions about situations most of us would think of the worst-case scenario first and that’s where facts come in to the equation in helping to reduce anxiety or fear.  When we know more about something we tend to fear it less. This can be the key to helping reduce the fear and anxiety many of us may be feeling during these confusing times in our world. The more we know and understand the more we grow as individuals. During these stressful times it can be helpful to have a better understanding of fear and anxiety and may also help in answering the questions many of us are having, like why you may be feeling it more now than ever and how to build better resilience to this fear with knowledge. Having more effective coping skills, like mindfulness to help cope with feelings such as fear can really help us develop life strategies that can be applied to other emotional situations. Taking some time to learn more about yourself in this way can be beneficial to you in many aspects of your daily life.

Having facts about our situations or why we may feel a particular feeling can really help us cope with fear and stress in our lives mindfully.

Below is an episode of Exploring Life’s Big Questions, from Andy Puddicombe where he discusses a time when he faced fear, how he handled it, and how mindfulness training can help.

We often forget during times of high stress and fear to take a moment to practice some self-care. It really can make a substantial change to your mood and outlook.  We often aren’t sure where to even start and that can even be overwhelming and lead us to self judgement and more stress. Having some tips and facts about self-care during these times can help us put our own situations into perceptive and help us find more calm and mindful moments in our day. Below Andy gives us some tips on ways we can practice self-care even during these turbulent times.

Having more knowledge of something we fear can make us feel more at ease and reduce our anxiety. Practicing self-care can help you find effective strategies like exercise, eating healthy, meditating and taking time to do things you enjoy to help you deal with the overwhelming feelings of stress, fear or anxiety we all may be having during this time. Take time to unplug, log off and just be with yourself doing something you enjoy that recharges you. Taking time to learn to become more aware about why you may feel these feelings and how to cope effectively with them can bring us a sense of peace and control in our lives.

Woman with birdsWhether it be breathing exercises or meditate, or techniques from some of my videos, whatever it is you choose to do, do it mindfully and be in the moment. I hope you have found this information helpful to your day in these difficult times. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more tips, information and videos to helped you find your happy place.

Please remember to wash your hands, stay home if you can, practice social distancing and wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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