How Student Life Is Different at Religious Colleges

Reasons why religious college students generally seem to avoid the kind of trouble that puts secular campuses in the headlines are for the schools over all strong religious morals that they stand by. The schools who are against the alcohol, drugs, sexual activity and violence that standard college’s are known for. More and more secular college’s allow the student body to rule on whether they make certain dormitories co-ed. This is so the schools administrators won’t question the students sexual orientation, also allows heterosexual couples to live together. Religious college students are happy to be away from the peer pressures and temptations that they would have gotten at secular schools for having particular religious beliefs. The students that attend religious colleges are happy to the there around other peers who share the same principles and values. The parents of these students allow the school to act on their behalf “Loco Parentis”.
Discipline in religious colleges take a religious approach. They help the student from making the mistake a second time finding out why he/she made the error, but still holding them accountable for what they did wrong. This is more affective than just giving them the boot. In religious colleges staff will attempt to work the issue out with a bishop as an advocate, noting that people are human are sinners and tend to make mistakes. This first step helps to avoid going to the administrators. I would be much happier to sit and spend time with counselors discussing my bad behaviors rather than being handed an expulsion slip without being allowed a chance in select instances.
The dating rules at Patrick Henry College require the students to their parents’ permission before pursuing a romantic relationship, and Bob Jones University require chaperones for all their dates. Magdalen, which has the strictest dating policy-no dating is allowed, they are against “steady company keeping”. As well at Magdalen is the rotational seating they have during meals which stops cliques from forming.What this achieves is it allows these students to form a health relationship and bond with those of the opposite sex without the fear of peer pressures some would normally have in the secular schooling. Many of the christian faith schools are advocates for the students to hold off any romantic relationships until they are absolutely ready for marriage. As for dating at Brigham Young University, it’s not uncommon to find couples holding hands or making out during “fireside” talks. Students are seen with their arms around one another , where the school is against premarital sex is taken serious, the rules of enforcement is left primarily through the peers. As I see it, many students may feel that being a virgin in their early 20’s may seem socially unacceptable by todays standards can been seen as a strong piece of ones character to another to which I am admirable for.
BY Anthony