1. Privilege is often invisible because those that are less privileged than others often work just as hard, if not harder, than those that are privileged which leads some to believe that they would be equally privileged. Categories of people that are more likely to be aware of privilege are the people that are not privileged themselves.
2. Andrea was so uncomfortable in Jewel’s Newark home because her home was much smaller than any home she had been in, and also much darker due to lack of lights in the home. The people at her home talked in unfamiliar ways. The whole home and situation was just so much different than anything that she was used to. I think that people can overcome the social differences described here. I think that there just needs to be an understanding of the differences and why there were these differences that Andrea and Jewel were not aware of.
3. Elements of privilege in my own life are that I attend college and my parents help me to pay. Not all parents have money to help support their children, which may lead to smart students not being able to attend college. Knowing this has affected my relationship with others because I know that I am lucky in this way and that others are just as able to attend things such as college, but just aren’t privileged enough to be able to. BY MOLLY