Population Growth

Holding the population to zero population growth would never be enough  because the global population would continue its rapid rate of expansion. Also you need to realize that implementing a no population growth may be quite limited with a time window that is so little. The plan for zero population growth still doesn’t cover everything because it still leaves the depletion of the earths resources. As  far resources are concerned, whether there renewable or non renewable  its becoming apparent that an era of inexpensive energy, unlimited food supplies, readily extractable materials( from wood to minerals), fresh water, and accessible open space is rapidly coming to a close, almost certainly within the next half-century. Therefore a plan to keep the population from growing is simply undesirable because it’s almost asking to much in such a little time.

Do we have a responsibility to control the population growth of other species has we continually grow are selves?  I would say no we wouldn’t have to change the way we do things to limit the animal population but most certainly we would have to make and effort to maintain the animal population because their necessary for life. As are population grows and the animals do simultaneously I believe that we would still be able to continue doing what we normally do to maintain animal population which could be hunting etc. My real concern would have to do with maintaining the animal population. As we expand were using up space that millions of species use as habitats. The human is always going to win the battle over territory with an animal because these animals have no way to defend them selfs from being driven out of their homes. We need the animal species because there what allows this world to run and with out the animal species it would throw the balance of  the world off and disrupt everything.

Furthermore I would have to say that I do agree with Smail and we do need to make an effort to control the population growth. We already know the consequences that will come forth if we don’t control the population and by all means that may be a human apocalypse. So I believe that its easily understandable that if the population keeps growing rapidly that their will definitely be problems but the problem is coming up with a plan, policy, efforts to control the population and how to enforce these new regulations to control population growth.


The united States is the wealthiest country in the world, yet Americans are denied the simple right to proper nutrition. Americans are forced to abstain from basic human needs to be accepted members of society. Popular culture suggests that thinness is not only a fashion statement, but an expected lifestyle choice. The past hundred years have seen the rise of this horrific trend that is the thinning of the nation’s young women. One in five college women suffers from a severe case of either anorexia or bulimia. Those dying are not the poor and unfortunates from the slums and ghettos of the inner cities they are the young generations that choose to follow this trend of thinness and those who have enough money to eat properly but instead choose not to. Those who struggle with eating disorders, 95 % are female and the small percentage of men who suffer are all either athletes or homosexuals. So why isn’t this a big deal as it should be? The answer is unknown but most would just assume it’s because thinness is a desire and a want that women choose to follow to stay current with America’s culture