Domestic Violence

While reading chapter 41 I came to realize domestic violence is an on going issue in the world we live in today. It is a common practice for men In Indian cultures to beat their wives. Although the thought of beating your wife in the United States is highly illegal and out of cultural norms, to India’s culture it is remarkably normal. When it comes to childbirth, in India having a boy is valued much greater than having a girl. The reason for this is because girls are looked at as negative weight. Girls in Indian society tend to move away and marry with different families where as boys tend to stay within the family and help out with financial assistance, whether its working jobs to help pay, or helping the father work.

One duty a man must fulfill in the family is keeping his wife in check. This means that if the wife does the slightest bit of wrong she quickly needs to be told so. By being told she is doing wrong is not good enough Indian society feels. The way the men go about doing so is beating their wives. If a man only beats his wife under the influence of alcohol he is considered good. India’s culture believes that “a good husband and only beats his wife excessively when drunk” neglecting the fact that too many men are beating their wife to a pulp and do not realize it. If the wife exceeds the reasonable standards and acceptable circumstances, set forth by the village. The townships leader will interfere if the beating is taken overboard.

This is absolutely not the way to treat any woman. Although that is there belief and norm, as being an outsider looking in I cannot fathom the thought of putting that much torment and abuse towards any human being, male or female.

By. Luke