Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a global problem which occurs in both industrialized and developing countries.Domestic violence is a very serious social problem if not dealt with can go a long way to affect individuals and society a whole.Wife battering is prevalent and normal in India to the extent that is considered normal and not taken serious.According to a survey taken,20% of people who experience domestic violence considered it normal because they were used to it.Many factors causes the prevalence of wife battering in India.These factors include: drunken husbands who come home and beat their wives due to their frustrations in life,dowry,neglect of household duties and so on.

Child abuse has occurred since time immemorial .Industrialization and modernization has led to the increase of child abuse.In India middle class families experience a lot of stress due to modernization and industrialization because of this children are abused in order for parents to fit in society or to earn a living.Also corporal punishment which is a form of child abuse is used very much in India to raise children.They believe that the right way to punish a child for his/her mistake is through corporal punishment.Lastly,because society considers male children for industrial purposes,female children who are born to Indian parents are mostly neglected which is also a form of abuse.

Visible violence can also be called physical violence.This is a type of violence in which husbands beat their wives due to one reason or the other.The women who are being abused feel that the situation is predestined in accordance with Confucian ideology.One report indicates that 87.5%  of divorces in 1992 was as a result of violence.Invisible violence on the other hand is characterized by fear and intimidation.An example is women coming home from work and doing house chores for six hours.

By Lynsy


Privileges are special rights or immunity granted or available to only one person or a group  of people.Being privileged is having things at your disposal without really suffering or working for it.For example is a privilege to have a mansion whereas to a poor person is not.Privileges usually comes with birth and the type of family you werwe born into and how you were raised.Privileges  are invisible to people in the upper class in society and some middle class people.In the essay for instance the writer talks about electricity.Electricity is very common but is not everyone who can afford it.Whereas people in the upper class like Andrea are privileged to have it,Jewel and her family are not that lucky.

Andrea was uncomfortable at Jewels house for many reasons.First,she was not used to Jewels sort of environment.She was used to big houses and electricity everywhere so going to Jewels house and seeing otherwise was a cultural shock to her and because she was just eight years old she didnt really comprehend what was going on. She was not able to relate to the jokes Jewels family were saying because she wasnt used to that kind of life.To her she felt like they were humoring her and being sarcastic.She was also uncomfortable because she and her mother where the only white people there.Lastly,she found it difficult to use the bathroom in the basement to the extent that her mom had to be there with her before she used it.

In my opinion I think social differences can be overcome but its going to take a very long time because social differences started generations ago and it will not be easy changing peoples perspectives about it.This problem can be overcome if parents teach their children to accept people for who they are and not for what they stand for.In short we all must learn to love each other regardless of who we are.Anytime you are try to judge someone:put yourself in the persons shoes and if you dont like how it feels then dont do it.Instead of using our privileges as yardsticks to judge other people,we should rather be grateful to God for our privileges.

By Lynsy




Eating disorders is defined as unhealthy and extreme concerns with
weight,bodysize,food and eating habits.According to the American Anorexial
Bulimia Association,7 million women and 1 million men,ages ten to early
twenties,suffer from eating disorders.These eating problems maybe a response to
poverty,sexual abuse,racism,heterosexism,social class inequality and
There are three theoretical models used to explain and treat eating
disorders.These include the biomedical model,psychological model and feminists
models.The biomedical model offers important scientific research about possible
physiological causes of eating disorders.This model adopts medical treatment
methods that traumatizes and disempower women.
The psychological model identifies eating disorders as “multidimensional
disorders”that are influence by biological,psychological and cultural
factors.This model like the biomedical one,tends to neglect women of
color,lesbians and working class women.
The feminist approach is the last model.This model talks about eating
problems as gendered.It explains why women experience eating disorders the
most.Sexism and gender socialization are amongst the factors that contribute to
eating disorders in women because according to these factors women have to be
thin in order to be pretty.
Sexual abuse is the most common reason women develop eating
disorders.According to the National Eating Disorder Information Centre,recent
research has shown that 65% of people with eating disorders have experienced
some sort of abuse,including physical,emotional or sexual abuse.Sexual abuse can
be devastating to a persons body image.A victim of sexual abuse often
experiences extreme discomfort with their body because it is a reminder of the
horrible experience.The blacklash of sexual abuse is that survivors may turn to
food as a means to cope.In a desperate attempt to gain control over their bodies
some victims will turn to food and restriction.They may attempt to control their
body shape,becoming overweight or under weight,in order to push people away to
prevent further abuse,or so that the abuse will stop.This resort to food gives
them a sense of security thet they feel they cannot find anywhere.
Racism and class standing also contribute to eating disorders.Body image is
seen different in every race.In the African culture,thick and curvy is
considered pretty and sexy.If you are from Africa and you are very skinny,you
will resort to overeating in order to fit in and this goes a long way to affect
you.Likewise if you are from country where everyone is skinny and you are fat
you will go on diets and starvation in order to fit in.These pressures for the
perfect body image makes women do the extreme in order to be accepted and to fit
In order to prevent
this,first women must learn to appreciate themselves,their body and have self
esteem.If you are confident in yourself you will never resort to food to satisfy
you emotionally and internally.Secondly all the models used together hand in
hand can help prevent eating disorders.One thing we all should know is that true
beauty comes from within and there is nothng like a perfect body.