Nickel and Dimed

Minimum wage is something that is becoming more and more prevalent with the society that we are living with. With jobs scarce and highly desired people will take a job for minimum wage even though their skill sets are greater than the wage. Living a life on your own with this type of pay would involve eating food low in nutrition and having to often go with out. Cable may be sacrificed for rent or gas money. Making ends meet becomes almost impossible. Humans can survive because millions are doing it already. Sometimes minimum wage is forced to support an entire family, the family adjusts and understands the circumstance the majority of the time and all work together to make their live’s go forward. It is a bad situation raising children with a low income but regardless it is still a situation. I don’t believe that minimum wage should be raised because when minimum wage is raised so is everything else in the economy and they would be in the same situation but it would just hurt the economy even more.


Domestic Violence-Hunter Gaylord

Chapter 41 helps open your eyes to the on goings of the world we live in. While spouses in America bicker over favorite performers on American Idol there are women getting beat on a consistent basis. Women are only reporting it when it gets life threatening but they put up with everyday harassment and abuse like it’s something that is deserved. The culture accepts these beatings especially if the woman acts out of the norms, or if the man is drunk. These actions cause women of India to feel not only depressed but almost not human.
What causes this to occur? Well in industrialized nations there seems to be a strong sense of stress placed on males. This stress seems to be caused because the males feel as though they are responsible for the family and to relieve their stress they beat up their wives. For any American to hear of this results in immediate emotion. Unfortunately the morals and laws of India do not support the women as they should and domestic abuse is the result.
Vietnamese women are looked down at even though they tend to bring home the abundance of the money. Women are just looked at as the bottom of the totem pole it seems in Vietnam. They suffer from two types of abuse, visible and invisible. Visible is the beatings and the roughing up that is thought of when you hear domestic abuse but invisible is a whole other story. Invisible is the repetition of insults and intimidation. Invisible domestic abuse makes one feel like they are always under the thumb of the husband. Obviously this isn’t the way to live so it is important to inform and educate the public about these occurrences.


Thinness in America

In the world of five dollar foot long subs, supersized drinks, and going to all you can eat buffets as a challenge rather than a meal choice, food isn’t an issue in this great country of ours. Some countries a meal comes after a day of walking to get water or hunting for your food but in America the 5-5-5 deal at dominos can easily be ordered from the comforts of one’s own couch. Now with all this accessibility you have to understand that with one blessing comes a curse as well. Obesity is at an all-time high and obesity directly corresponds with eating disorders.  Eating disorders can be anything from gorging to purging. ‘CULTURAL OBSESSIONS WITH THINNESS:’African American, Latina, and White Women” by Becky W. Thompson gives us three approaches to eating disorders: Biomedical, psychological and a feminist approach. The biomedical approach acknowledges scientific research that which measures the physiological causes of eating problems and the damage it can do to ones body. The Physiological approach is a mixture of biological, psychological and cultural issues. The problem with the Physiological approach is that it doesn’t acknowledge race and gender. The feminists look at gender and race and how society affects the eating disorders.  The chapter talks about how black women have different pressures than just do to race. African American women are more accepting of obesity as they are known for being strong and self-driven.

Another very strong point is how sexual abuse can lead to gorging oneself. This is because when someone is sexually abused they can feel so used up that they find themself in a situation where depression isn’t just an emotion that they suffer with from time to time, its life 24/7. This numb feeling is so exhausting that when indulging in food gives a feeling of satisfaction that can be misinterpreted as love and the disease begins. Women are prone to these eating disorders because of the fact that they are constantly being depicted as sexual figures in society. The stereotype in culture of the “perfect woman” leaves the average female completely hopeless and facing a challenge that they will not meet. Even the women that are used in magazines and commercials are altered digitally to take off of their “imperfections”.  As long as there are insecurities in our culture you will continue to find and abundance of eating disorders.