Global population

J. Kenneth Small discusses the issue of global population and how it is a danger to our future on earth. He feels that if the population keeps growing at such a fast rate it will ultimatley cause a “plague of humanity.” Right now our earth is supporting 2.5 billion people and it could potentially double in the near future leaving us with an overpopulated world and very few resources. He talks about ten inescapble realities that we are going to face in the future. A fourthfold increase in population within a century even with a zero population growth program by limiting fertility. Our population would still continue to grow rapidly. Population overgrowth is not just effected by fertility but by the decrease in mortality due to the increase of longevity . The only way the mortality rate would increase at this point would be for a death pandemic, world war or breakdown in public health to occur. Eventually there will be little space for people to colonize and create communitiesand homes. It will be a huge impact on human life to add another 3 to 4 billion people in a matter of a century. Earth finate resourcesr, for example, fossil fuel, food supply and fresh water will also run out evenntually. This ecological damage from overconsumption of resources will lower the standard of living immesnly. This overgrowth is also predicted to occur in under-developed places in the world which poses and even bigger problem because in these areas there are less resources to begin. We really need to start thinking critically about what we are going to do about this issue because before we know it life on earth will be at risk with no options to turn to. It is a scary thought to think about our children, grandchildren and great granchildren facing these issues because we didnt change our ways of life.

Prostitution topic

Melissa Farley discusses the issue of prostitution and how it has become a worldwide buisness of sexual exploitation. Many are in denial about how many people this effects from every culture. It has become a part of almost every country and is swept under the rug alot of the time. This involoves violent crimes against particulary women and children which is not always obvious to people. The factors that effect prostitution are sexism, racism, poverty and child abuse. Alot of women and children that are raised in a violent enviroment whether it be psychical, pshychological but mainly sexual abuse escape their home situations but often go to a pimp or a john to earn money by selling their bodies. There are many situations where a child or woman is forced into the sex trade buisness. Many people feel that this population gives consent to engage in thses sexual acts however is it really consent if they are forced or left without no other options? Children are easily controlled and influenced into this buisness and are raised not to know any different. When children are emotionally and sexually abused they often feel helpless and turn to prostitution later in life. This vulnerable population is often looked at as unequal due to their situations.

Trying to escape this sex trade buisness can be nearly impossible. Many of these people are trafficked into another country and are rbought far away from home. There is not alot of help out there to assist these people in escaping prostittion. They often need drug and alcohol detoxification/ rehabilitatation,  safe homeless shelters PTSD and Stress disorder therapy and lack of social services. Extreme phsycial violence and sexual abuse leads these women and children to feel completley controlled by a pimp. In alot of these cases they become very sick, due to sexual abuse and lack of healthcare services. I think that decriminlization of prostitution would out women and children at a greater risk for sexual, psyhical and emotional abuse.