Blog Topic 8 Population Growth

Kenneth Smail in his essay “Let’s Reduce Global Population!” supports the idea of ZPG or Zero Population Growth as a way to control the earths population. Though this may seem effective it may take up to 75 years for this plan to be effective. Why? Because Kenneth says that over one third of the population is under the age of 15 and have not yet reproduced. This is a problem because even an effective ZPG program would not immediately reduce or even stem the population growth.

Smail’s says”. . .come to regard ourselves more as the Earth’s long-term stewards than its absolute masters.”? I personally like this quote because it says a lot about what most people think of the earth, as a infinite place of raw materials and an indestructible home. This is certainly not true. We need to realize that we need to take care of our home, the earth. To be its stuarts. We do not control the Earth, we are not its masters.
By David

Eating disorders

An estimated 5-10 million people in the US are affected by some kind of eating disorder. There are officially 12 types of eating disorders including the common anorexia and bulimia, but each is rooted in 3 common causes; biological, environmental and psychological. The causes for the eating disorders usually start from biology but can also arise from psychological and or environmental causes alone.

A lot of eating disorders arise first from a biological pre-disposition to developing an eating disorder and then are usually triggered by a psychological or environmental event or series of events. A common perception is that “Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” Some disorders though do not arise through genetics but instead sever trauma such as sexual abuse, especially as a child. The disorder arises, is this case as a coping mechanism. The abused seek comfort or control through food either as over eating, in the case of comfort or a strict diet in the case of control.

Racism and class standing can also contribute to eating disorders. Maybe not directly but because of the huge amount of stress accompanying the persons situation. I personally don’t see how racism and class standing can cause eating disorders except from the stress it can cause. Maybe if you lived in a part of the world were your race determined how much / what kind of food you get or that being poor may limit your diet but these are more social problems and not a disorder of the person.

BY David