“Nickel and Dimed”

“Nickel and Dimed”
1) To survive on the federal minimum wage at this time in my life would be impossible. I have house and car loans along with living expensive that would be unthinkable to be able to pay each month on minimum wage. If for some reason I did have to take a minimum wage job and try to survive on it would require a huge readjustment in living conditions and a reorganization of my priorities.
2) A family with two young children trying to survive on minimum wage earnings each month would require a lot of resourcefulness, they would have to budget every penny. They could also use local food pantries, food stamps, WIC and any other resource they could find. Today it seems that families like these are becoming more prevalent in our society we hear of people losing their jobs and being forced to take any means necessary to survive.
3) No I don’t think minimum wage should be raised I think the cost of living should be lowered. The cost of everything is getting out of control, from medical costs to heating oil. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class support them all. Instead of sending all our jobs overseas and to Mexico why not keep them here and keep people working. Lower the cost of living by lowering our taxes and revamping medical costs.
4) No I don’t agree with the management style of the people who monitor minimum wage employees. The reason they probably manage the way they do is they have had no formal training in management skills. Places that these people work do not take time to train employees to be leaders. The turnaround on these employees is so large that they don’t want to waste the time or money training these people just so they can leave.
5) The reason managers have to monitor minimum wage employees so closely is to keep them busy and not let them have a moment of rest. If they are not busy then the manager is not making money for the corporate headquarters in some far away city. They also may feel that the employee is trying to take advantage of them. This type of management style is somewhat fair because these people are paid to work and not sit around. It is unfair because these people are only making minimum wage so the management should relax and be a little less hard on them. This may have a resounding effect on the employees who would think the management cares and they may have a better outlook on their jobs and may feel better about themselves.


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