Religious Colleges

The majority of students attending a religious school have made the choice to attend these colleges knowing the high morals and standards that will be expecting of them. By choosing one of these colleges, the student has already committed to the behavior expected, which is to avoid alcohol or drug use and discourages intimate relationships. In addition to understanding the clear guidelines set , these students have a very strong faith which guides them.
During their time at these colleges, if there is a poor judgement made by them andwhich  goes  against the policies, the students are encouraged to confess after much self reflection, discuss why this occurred, and through counseling decide on an appropriate punishment. The consequences of the act are basically left to the individual to process with the guidance of the faculty and spiritual leaders.
There are a variety of policies throughout the many different education establishments. In terms of dating / personal relationships there is always a policy in which relationships are considered to be far from a priority. For example, Magdalen does not allow dating, they are strongly against steady company keeping, and students often marry shortly after graduation. Bob Jones University does not allow any kind of physical contact and requires a chaperon on any date. Patrick Henry requires that there is parental permission before any romantic relationship is pursued. These three examples show an aspect of religious schools that can be very important to an individual. They know ahead of time that they will be meeting people of the same mind set , who will also adhere to the same policies. There will not be any rush to be “in” a relationship, and getting to know a person can be a much more casual and relaxed process.

Choosing this type of college reflects not only what an individual has decided to study,  but also the way they desire to live their life.

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  1. Only the strong shall survive, temptation is against even those students with the strongest of morals and values. Peer pressure from outside influences (staff and non-students in the community of the College or University. I.E. The girl who had the relationship with the married man) are willing to be the catalyst for breaking the schools rules. I myself could not pick going to a religious school on my own do to the lack of strong family values and morals growing up, but would if it were my only choice, see that the students have less of a need of “fitting in” to cliques. I was surprised to read that some Colleges administrations do not get more involved with dorm cohabitation.
    ~Anthony M.

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