“Invisible Privilege”

I feel that privilege is often invisible because we as people don’t see what we have is always a privilege,but what we feel like we need to get by everyday. I’m not sure if I would category people as having a privilege. I can say if someone has something and makes there life better to live and you don’t have the same you might feel jealous. I would say Andrea was uncomfortable because she saw that Jewel didn’t live the same way as she lived, but notice how Andrea liked playing with Jewel before Andrea knew how Jewel lived or what her family was like. I did like how they said Andrea’s mom didn’t show any sighs that she was uncomfortable at Jewels house, but how it explained the people that were there was only Jewel’s family members and Andrea was the only friend ,but pointed out that Andrea was the only”white friend.”  I do feel like people should over come differences in other people. We all don’t live our lives the same way, just think how borrowing that would be if we all lived the same way.I do feel that we are all the same no matter of the color of your skin or how much money you make or if you don’t make money at all. I also feel that we as  HUMAN BEINGS should always help out the person next to you if you can. what I mean by that is if you are living a good life and you are lucky to have the privilage life you should give to those in your community that don’t it as privilege. I do feel that funding for schools is a form of “invisible privilege.” We all should have to pay the same tax. We all should have the right to go to what ever school we want, as long as the parent can provide transport of the child to and from school.


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