Invisible Privilege.

Privilege is invisible because the class that we live in is not black and white and it can be hard to determine what class someone is in. Lower class people can be aware of the privileges of life from the upper class. Andrea was uncomfortable in Jewel’s home because it was out of her norm and below her class. I don’t think that people can overcome the type of social differences because we tend to mingle with people in our own social class, and as we seen in this case once Andrea and her mom found out that Jewel and her mom lived in a class lower than that of their own they started to fade away and eventually stopped socialization. Funding for schools can be a form of invisible privilege because in a town with higher class people the school will also be in that higher class.
Barry Glidden.

3 thoughts on “Invisible Privilege.

  1. I feel the exact same way you do on this. also people may look like one clas like you said and be a different and still feel uncomfortable around the class they are apearing to be ike

  2. I agree with you Barry but I think that people can overcome the differences of social class if they try to. It may be uncomfortable at first but I don’t think it would be that hard to get used to. The problem is that most people don’t care enough to try.

  3. i also agree with both of you. change is always hard but i think if you give things time you will see how it can work out and and sometimes better thank you think,

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