In a Big Manila Envelope!

I just opened a big manila envelope, so stuffed that it had to be resealed with additional tape. Inside it, there was an assortment of hand written letters. In tiny little colorful envelopes feelings were expressed. As much as each one of them was unique and special they all echoed the same sentiment, “thank you!” Some said thank you in English others in Spanish. These letters came from PHS; from their ESL program. They came from the students who came to the MSSO Nov. 3rd Immigrant Stories Forum. The MSSO stories inspired them “
They saw a reflection of their challenges in your stories. They saw new possibilities through your academic achievements. They now have more reasons to believe that it is possible for them to master their English skills and pursue their academic dreams. They felt welcomed at BCC and believe that there is a place for them here.
Thank you!
Outside of the thank you from PHS I have heard other comments expressing appreciation from current BCC students and members of the community who came specifically to listen to your presentation. They along with the PHS students have been inspired.
They thank you for sharing your stories. They thank you for widening their horizons. I thank you for taking on the challenge, putting yourselves out there, being vulnerable and brave at the same time. You shared your memories, dreams, challenges and language. I thank you for being great role models!
This is a sample of what PHS students said:
“Hicieron la presentación interesante” (They made the presentation interesting)
“Lo que me gusto es que los estudiantes pasaron por casi la misma situación que yo al llegar a los Estados Unidos” (What I liked is that the students had similar experiences to the ones I had when I arrived in the United States)
“Me hiso recapacitar que lo mejor en la vida es estudiar”. (They made me reflect about how the best in life is to study)
“Me gusto cuando uno de los jóvenes dijo “roscas”, hace tiempo que no escuchaba esa palabra” ( I liked it, when a youngster said, “rosca”, I hadn’t heard that word for a long time)

One thought on “In a Big Manila Envelope!

    When I saw those students from PHS watching us, I saw my reflection a few years back.
    Thank you Eleanore for letting us know about these students and the way they think of us!

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