Starting the right way!

The rush and last minute changes of the first week are done. By now you should know where your classroom is, what books you need and how much time you really need to get to class on time. Many of you have stopped by my office with high hopes for this semester and your academic future. A good number of you want to make sure you can walk down the graduation aisle with a yellow stole draped down from your shoulders. Well, that yellow stole can only be worn by those who have earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.
Many of you have been able to achieve that honor and I am sure that any of you who put their heart and hard work towards achieving it will do it. Be aware of your expectations as a student. Use the syllabus given to you in each class because they are unique to that particular class and professor. Make sure you come to college with a student attitude;
• Be on time and be fully percent. According to Woody Allen “80 percent of success is just showing up”. Making the decision to be a student was probably the first and hardest step, you have done it. Now keep up at it, show up, attend your classes, do the work, do the reading and the writing and turn it in. You decided to come to college and be a student then BE!
• Turn in work that speaks for itself (well done, using proper citation providing insightful comments and turned in on time).
• Schedule your study, work, family and fun time accordingly. As a student most likely you will be juggling many roles, assign time for each of them. Help yourself by using calendars and planners.
Remember your college years are unique. They will provide you with an opportunity to expand your horizons, achieve new skills and knowledge, make new friends and prepare you for the “real world”. Make the best of them!

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