Applying to 4-Year Colleges

Your academic record at BCC is very strong; you have many interests; you are committed to completing your B.A. or B.S. degree at a selective private college or university.
Your parents do not have the resources to support your academic aspirations; you do not have enough savings to pay for the kind of education you would like to achieve; you do not want to take on immense loans to pay for your education at a selective college… You are feeling discouraged.
Still, you have options.
There are many “need-blind” or “need-sensitive” colleges and universities committed to providing access to an excellent education to the strongest students.
What, exactly, does “need-blind” mean?
Schools with a “need-blind” admissions policy are committed to ensuring they can encourage the strongest students from among those who apply to matriculate, regardless of their ability to pay.   To do this, they provide a financial aid package large enough to enable every student they admit who cannot pay “full-freight” for their education with enough aid to enable them to enroll.  Most of these schools provide flat out grants for students’ expenses, obviating their need to take out loans (or only very small loans).
If the scenario, above, is anything like your situation, check out this list of schools you can see by clicking on the link, below. All of them are very good, but there is still a range of selective to elite schools among them.  Visit web pages of any of the schools that interest you.
If you need help sorting through them all, do one or both of the following:
  • Make an appointment with Geoffrey Tabor, BCC’s Transfer Counselor.  He will walk you through your options and advise you on the application process.  (Call him at: 413.236.1610.  His office is in the Susan B. Anthony building 115, just past the BCC Bookstore.)
  • Contact your advisor.  He or she will be delighted to hear about your thoughts on continuing your education and completing your B.A. or B.S. degree and is in a good position to help you choose a school and to advise you on the best possible courses to take at BCC to enhance your college application.

Further thoughts:  Did you know that if you have achieved a GPA of at least3.25 after having completed twelvecollege credits in courses needed for graduation, you can qualify for BCC’s Honors Program.  Graduation with Honors is a wonderful way to enhance your admissions portfolio.  Contact Stacy Evans, Honors Coordinator, at  413.233.4563.  Her office is in Hawthorne Hall, 235.

Need blind and meet full need… One admits regardless of background; some meet full need.

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