SPA 201 ~ Enlaces para la guía del examen final y para la lista de elementos requistos para tu blog

Haz clic en este enlace para obtener una lista de todos los elementos requisitos (y opcionales) para tu blog…

Click on ME to download a copy of the Blog Checklist for 201!

(Este enlace se encuentra, también, en la pestaña (tab):  “Los blogs de nuestros estudiantes”.)



Haz clic en este enlace para obtener una copia de la guía para prepararte para el examen final:

¡ Haz CLIC aquí !
(Este enlace se encuentra en la pestaña de “Apuntes de Profe”.  La contraseña (password) de esta página es:  burrito lindo.)

Caja de juguetes (Toybox) para el capítulo 5…

The chapter 5 “toybox” presentations have been published!

Check them out before you take the chapter five test!

Here is the wonderful presentation on reflexive verbs authored by Patrick Meunier:

April Tarbox’s latest PowerPoint creation to help you learn is on the vocabulary for the family (capítulo 5 ~ vocabulario útil 1). I think the vocabulary for in-laws and step-parents is particularly challenging! This is a very strong tool to help you get it all straight.

Click on this link to download this PowerPoint >>La Familia ~ Capítulo 5 ~ Vocabulario útil

Tammy Beet created this PowerPoint to help you learn the vocabulary of chapter 5. It is gorgeous! It is fun! It is effective!

SPA 101 ~ Capítulo 4 “Caja de juguetes” is up on the blog… Now, go PLAY! … (and learn!)

Here are all the presentations available for Capítulo 4 !!

Here is the link:  SPA 101 ~ Caja de juguetes ~ Capítulo 4

Here is the PowerPoint presentation we used in class while studying chapter four. Use it to help you prepare for the chapter test!

You can also download it, below:

Click on ME to download Profe’s PowerPoint for Chapter Four!

April Tarbox has designed three excellent presentations: two on the vocabulary of the Internet, one colors. You will find them very helpful as you prepare for your chapter four test!

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s Internet/Technology Presentation!

Here is April Tarbox’s terrific second presentation on Computadoras…

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s Second presentation on Computadoras!

Here is April Tarbox’s presentation to help you learn colors:

Click on ME to download April Tarbox’s presentation on Colores!

Tamara Beet has created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation to help you learn vocabulary for emotions, technology and functions of the Internet.

Click on ME to download: Vocabulario del capítulo 4 ~ Tamara BeetTarbox-Ch4-Vocab

Resistance Training for Your Willpower

Want to strengthen your willpower? If you do, you’ll strengthen your ability to resist distracting temptations and get your work done. That’s what you really want to do, right? Check out this NPR interview with John Tierney, one of the authors of Willpower, the Greatest Human Strength. (Click on the link, below, to read the whole article on the NPR web site.)