Los Ingredientes que necesitas para hacer repochetas

Students from the Hospitality and Culinary section of Spanish in the Workplace (SPA 131.02) will be preparing repochetas in the BCC kitchen with a team of native Spanish speakers on May 12, 2011. In order to be able to communicate well in Spanish in the kitchen and to speak about the ingredients they use to create this meal, they will have to study the slides in the presentation, below. YOU can learn this vocabulary, as well.  Study the slides, here, or download a copy of this presentation by clicking this link: >>> Ingredientes que necesitas para hacer repochetas

¿Qué hora es? Timed practice for learning how to tell time

Use this presentation to help you learn to tell what time of day it is…FAST!

Remember: In this class, one of the things that really matters is learning to GET THE WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH at a reasonable speed, close to that of a normal conversation.

This is a timed presentation, so after the first click on the second slide, you don’t have to click. Just look at the time displayed and practice telling the time.

Use full sentences, like:

  • 1:15 am: Es la una y cuarto de la mañana.
  • 2:30pm: Son las dos y media de la tarde.
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Sp 131 ~ Hospitality and Culinary ~ Chapter 4 PowerPoint

¡Hola a todos!

Here is the latest PowerPoint presentation to help you study the material for chapter 4: vocabulary of the family, professions in your workplaces, adjectives for describing personality traits and emotions, along with the verbs SER (that you need to use to describe “what you’re like and where you’re from”) and ESTAR (that you need to use to describe “how you feel and where you are.”)

If you have questions, do NOT hesitate to contact me!!

Download the presentation for use on your own computer by clicking on the following link:

Here is the PowerPoint presentation for Sp 131 Chapter 4! Study Hard!