SPA 101 ~ Voicethread Project #2 ~ Updated.

Your SPA 101 Voicethread Project #2 has been updated.  Click on this link to access the updated Voicethread #2 Project:

Did you know you can record your voicethread directly from that page on the blog?  Click on “Comment” to make your recording choices (audio or video recording) appear.

Let Profe know how you’re doing… If you have not already had your voicethread script corrected, send your script to Profe as soon as possible, and she will provide you with corrections.  Learn your corrected script and record it onto this voicethread page.

Remember:  No reading your script!  You can refer to a list of palabras claves (key words) to help you remember what you wanted to say…

Remember, too:  You can record your voicethread as many times as you wish…until you are satisfied with your recording.  Recording and re-recording is terrific practice, as well!

Keep in touch; ask for help if you need it!

Profe      😎

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