Brian Trautman (Peace / World Order)

Office:  Melville Hall, M225.

Email Address:

Office Phone: (413) 236-4541

Brian is an instructor of peace and world order studies and a program advisor in the liberal arts department. Additionally, he currently serves as the adjunct faculty representative on the College Senate. Brian is a military veteran and an educator-activist. Outside of BCC, Brian serves as membership chair on the board of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) and as a member of the Global Economics Team of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS). In addition, Brian is an associate editor with the U.S. Peace Registry of the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation, Academic Leadership Journal, and the Central New York Peace Consortium Peace Studies Journal. He is a member and volunteer with various local and national peace and justice groups, including Veterans for Peace, Teachers Without Borders (Peace Education program), Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice (BCP&J) and The Sanctuary for Independent Media. Brian’s scholarly and professional interests include nonviolence/peace education, structural inequality, indigenous knowledge systems and wordviews, ecopedagogy, Green politics, transformative justice, anarchist studies, and human rights and humanitarian law. Brian resides in North Greenbush, NY with his wife, Karrie, and their twin sons, Gavin and Ethan.

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