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  • Bacteria
  • Animals
  • Cellular Processes and Mechanisms
  • Protists
  • Laboratory and Field Methods
  • Fungi
  •  Student Projects


      About the Images

The Biology Image Library is a growing collection of over 500 text supported microscopic images and videos drawn from commercially prepared slide collections and live specimens commonly used in the study of Biology, Botany, Zoology, Histology and Microbiology. 

As in the teaching laboratory, each specimen is studied at a range of magnifications. This allows initial low magnification observation of the overall arrangement of organs and tissues.  Higher levels of magnification allow increasingly more specific examination of tissues, cells and cell structure. Whenever relevant or applicable different staining techniques and developmental stages may be demonstrated.

Photographic Methods: Brightfield and Phase Contrast

Photomicrographic System: Olympus BHTU Trinocular with 1080p USB Excelis Color Digital Camera