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Engineers are typically thought of as problem-solving, technically skilled people. However, they also need to be creative, imaginative, and aware of social needs and problems. The well rounded education provided by this program cultivates self-knowledge and leads to the specialized fields of professional engineering.

This engineering degree program follows the first two years at most institutions offering a baccalaureate degree in engineering, so that students who complete the program can successfully transfer to colleges like R.P.I., UMass, Clarkson, and Worcester Polytech.

This is a MassTransfer eligible program.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 66 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements shown below:

Program 44 Credits
CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry I 4
CHM 102 Introductory Chemistry II 4
ENM 152 Engineering Calculus II 3
ENM 251 Engineering Calculus III 3
ENM 252 Engineering Calculus IV 3
ENT 162 Engineering Physics II 3
ENT 261 Engineering Physics III 4
ENT 262 Engineering Physics IV 4
MAT 253 Linear Algebra 3
MAT 254 Differential Equations 3
Scientific Computer Programming (See Footnote1) 4
Technical Electives (See Footnote3) 6

General Education 22 Credits
COM Communication 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 6
ENM 151 Engineering Calculus I 3
ENT 161 Engineering Physics I 4
General Education Electives (See Footnote 2) 6

Additional As Shown
Core Competencies Portfolio 6 Items
Forum 12 Units
Health/Fitness 30 Hours
Minimum Cumulative Averages
Overall 2.000
Area of Specialization: (All Program Requirements and ENM 151) 2.000


1. Four or more credits from the ENT Scientific Computer Programming courses, ENT 185 or CIS 124.
2. General Education Electives chosen from the following: History, Humanities and Fine arts, Behavioral and Social Science, Environmental Studies.
3. Technical Electives for Chemical Engineering: CHM 201/202 or equivalent; for Electrical Engineering:ENT 203/204 o, ENT 233/234, or equivalent; for Mechanical Engineering: ENT 212/213, ENT 214 or equivalent.

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