Hi:  I am John Tatro.  I am an Assistant Professor, and the newest faculty member  in the Business, Science, Math & Technology Dept. at BCC.  Over the next few weeks I will be adding quite a bit of material that I hope will make this website a fun, interesting, and informative place to visit. To kick things-off, I am posting a copy of an essay I provided as a part of the application process I took part in when I applied for the Assistant Professor position at BCC.  We were asked to describe our reasons for wanting to teach at the Community College level.  We needed to keep the essay to a single page.  As we all know, this kind of restriction forces you to really think through what you want to say.  In fact, I find out quite a lot about myself while crafting the essay.  I really feel that the result speaks volumes about me and my approach to “educate” the people who will play important roles in the future .

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