Crosby Legos Robotics

Wednesday, Oct 12th was the second meeting of the afterschool, Legos Robotics, enrichment program at Crosby Elementary School. Here is a photo of the kids who are participating this year.

Besides me, the photo shows one of the BCC Service Learning students, David Manzella, and the five Crosby students currently in the program.
Returning from last year are the two young ladies Jackie and Itzal. New comers are Kayshawn, Madison, and Kirsten. What a delightful group. Missing from the photo are Kurt Doherty (BCC Service Learning student) and Mrs. Peggy Irving (Crsoby Staff).

The kids were very excited to finally be able to get the robot to move around. They split up into two teams and started the tasks for Week 2. They went through a number of programs to have the robot drive forward and reverse; and for several different distances. The distances were programmed either by setting the number of rotations of the tires, or the number of degrees the tires turned. They had to measure the distances under known conditions in both inches and centimeters. Then, they had to calculate how far the robot would go for each rotation or for each degree. This is all in preparation for their first big challange that will take place next Wednesday. I will set-up a course with a Start Line and a Finish Line, and each team will have to program their robot to just reach the finish Line without touching it. they get one practice run and then they go-for-the-gold.

Here are some photos of the kids in action as they see what their program actually does, and they busily measure the distances.

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