I’m Getting Back in the Habit.

I just read an article about how to establish a habit.  The link is posted below.  I started thinking about this blog and when I made the last entry-last June.  OK, so I took the summer off-fine, but now it’s almost October.  It’s time to oil up the gears and bring back my blogging habit.

Taking the advice of the linked article, I will start out small.  This means, posting twice a month starting today.  Keep it small and doable.  That’s the ticket.

By the way, I think this article can be helpful for our students as well many of whom set unrealistic goals and then give up when they don’t accomplish them.  Like the turtle…slow and steady wins the race.  Hope this article helps you start a new habit or rekindle one.

How do you build a habit?

One thought on “I’m Getting Back in the Habit.

  1. Starting a new habit is hard. I think the first step is to make a plan, and then remind yourself of the plan frequently. Every time you follow through, figure out a way to reward yourself (preferably not with some _bad_ habit!). And when you forget, forgive yourself and take a fresh start. The first part is so important: to be easy on yourself, but be disciplined — because in the long run that IS being easy on yourself.

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