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Content-chunking, frequent assessment, mastery learning, individualized coaching – sounds like a winning formula… but do the students write anything? http://www4.uwm.edu/power/unique-teaching-method-earns-national-attention

For your summer enjoyment: Zotero – a browser add-in tool for reference citations http://www.zotero.org/support/quick_start_guide Patterns for Online Discussions http://hillside.net/plop/2010/papers/osullivan.pdf Adventures in Open Source: Lessons Learned at Purchase College http://www.slideshare.net/keith.landa/cit-2011-adventures-in-open-source

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, I highly recommend the Higher Education Teaching and Learning group. There are a number of interesting discussions taking place there. For example, I […]

TLT Blog added

The Teaching, Learning & Technology Group (http://www.tltgroup.org) now has a blog. This resource provides access to this non-profit group’s expertise and common sense in teaching with technology. TLT has pioneered […]

How to Get a Real Education at College

This Wall Street Journal article depicts the questionable path that Scott Dilbert of cartoon fame took in his early career. His points? Write simply and Use persuasion. Looks like it […]