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LGBTQ Safe Zone Session

On Thursday, April 19, 15 faculty and staff gathered in the CTL to discuss the notion of a “safe zone” for LGBTQ students and staff. An informative and open discussion […]

Deepen your Turn It In Knowledge

Turn It In has just listed a number of live and on-demand (you can watch them whenever you want – play, fast forward, pause, etc.) available for the next few […]

At BCC, several faculty have used clickers successfully for formative assessment, to increase student engagement, and to review for exams. Some textbook publishers are now offering “clicker-enabled” presentations as instructor […]

A group of six faculty and staff gathered in the CTL last Friday to consider the 2012 Horizon report (full report is at: The first point noted was that […]

We’ll be discussing this today in the CTL at noontime. Look for notes from the session next week!

Here is a link to a stack (page of links) exploring the study and several of the commentaries on it. This study was published in January 2011, and the […]

Thirty full- and part-time faculty met at BCC today to review core competency samples of student work. The student work – including a mix of excellent, average, and poor levels […]