Teaching Resources

As a result of blatant imitation of my brilliant colleague Don Tracia at Bunker Hill Comm College, we now have a “genius wall” full of helpful tip sheets for faculty […]

This paper says it’s about online academic integrity, but many of the suggestions cover on-campus classes as well – very useful, definitely some unique approaches — http://wiche.edu/attachment_library/Student_Authentication/BestPractices.pdf

Even ultra-liberal Cambridge has vestiges of racism. Even internationally respected scholars can be treated as criminals. Profiling is something a white person will likely never experience. An Offering from Peggy McIntosh’s […]

Making it visual = amazing

Please watch this: it really is an amazing and interesting testament to the power of technology to present information in new ways that illuminate the issues: http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_reveals_new_insights_on_poverty.html