BCC Adjunct Professional Event — April 15

Dear Adjuncts,

You are warmly invited to the Adjunct Professional Event for Spring 2014!

Our program will consist of the following:

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Room: G10 and Falcon’s Nest


3pm – 4:30pm (Room G10) “New Legal Guidelines for the Communty College Classroom” with Gina Yarborough, Commonwealth Legal Counsel

Gina Yarborough will join us for this session, and lead us through essential information you need to know concerning FERPA and electronic communications; ADA requirements; and classroom issues. She will share stories that highlight the need to know information, and answer your questions. Gina is a popular presenter who brings humor and insight to these topics.

4:30 – 5:00pm (Falcon’s Nest)    Networking Reception 

5:15 – 7:30pm  (Room G10)   Adjunct Appreciation Dinner

Please plan to attend these events, which promise to full of dialog, essential information, and opportunities to meet your colleagues. A $75 stipend will be offered to acknowledge your commitment of time for the afternoon workshop and evening event. This is not a required event for BCC Adjunct faculty.

Register here today! http://ctlevents.wordpress.com/events-list/11090264279/

Silicon Valley seeks English Majors!

In a twist of the usual “you can only find a job in engineering or computer science,” The Wall Street Journal features an interview with Santosh Jayaram, former Google executive and veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He shares, “Are you kidding? English majors are exactly the people I’m looking for…Almost anything you can imagine you can now build, so the battleground in business has shifted from engineering, which everybody can do, to storytelling, for which many fewer people have real talent. That’s why I want to meet your English majors.” Read more:

“How to Avoid a Bonfire of the Humanities”


Moodle is favorite LMS for Small Colleges

An interesting research result, obtained not by surveys but by search engine results showing which LMS colleges are using and charting them by FTE.

From the Inside Higher Ed article:

“Mark Strassman, Blackboard’s senior vice president of industry and product management, said via email: “We are not surprised. This trend was part of the rationale for our investment in MoodleRooms and NetSpot in 2012. It’s clear that for some smaller FTE institutions, Moodle has been a good fit and we’re supporting a lot of them now with Moodlerooms. Every institution has different needs and different goals, so this gave us a way to support the use of Moodle with an offering that simplifies and enhances the basic Moodle LMS.”

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/02/13/moodle-tops-blackboard-among-small-colleges-analysis-says#ixzz2tCkPfI7q
Inside Higher Ed

“Confirming the MOOC Myth” — First MOOC Research Conference confirms what we thought..

If you are interested, follow the link below. Here is the most interesting piece:

“Other panelists remarked that some institutions are much more limited in the ways they can experiment with MOOCs. In North Carolina, where community colleges are beginning to be evaluated and funded based on degree completion, no one is rushing to embrace a teaching model that retains less than 10 percent of students, said Laura Kalbaugh, dean of academic success and transition resources at Wake Technical Community College.”

North Carolina’s CC’s , like Massachusetts’, are being funded on a formula where retention and completion are key. It remains to be seen what if any role MOOCs could have in assisting stronger retention. So far, it doesn’t look promising.


The Great Stratification — Chronicle of Higher Ed

This is a very interesting view of what is happening in college faculty specialization these days. A comparison is made between the stratification in the health professions, where Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and RNs work as a supporting professionals/contingent workforce and are benefitted, and well-paid, and the stratification of especially contingent work in academia — which is not any of those. A consideration of administrative roles, history of the teaching profession, and the possibility of a designated length of study for a Ph.D. are described. Well worth reading:


“Moodle Master Class” all-day workshop offered

BCC Full-time and Adjunct faculty are invited to register for this Intersession workshop to be held on Wednesday, January 15th. This session is open to faculty who have completed a Moodle orientation, and have used Moodle already for at least one semester, but have not offered an online or hybrid class yet (some faculty may be asked to complete the online Student Moodle Orientation before the class if they are relatively new to Moodle). This workshop will be led by Dori Digenti and Janet Collins, with a guest virtual presentation by English instructor Sean McPherson. Registration, agenda, and details are available here: http://ctlevents.wordpress.com/events-list/9164574489/