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It seems that Infographics are sprouting like proverbial fungi around the Internet lately. COMMENTS PLEASE: How have you used, or could you see using, infographics in the classroom?

Infographics: Education Earnings

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  1. I haven’t made my own, but I have used ones created by PBS and the New York Times. They can be particularly useful for giving a lot of data to students in a way that doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed. As long as the story is interesting, coherent, and not trivial, I like them a lot.

    I also found it interesting that the flipped classroom post uses an infographic.

  2. Stacy, thanks for your comment. I used one on the “new normal” theory of ongoing 2% GDP growth in the U.S. for my fundamentals of business class. As you note, I think this will help them break down the concepts and see some clear visual depictions of what the data mean and what they imply.

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