This article discusses some sophisticated uses of LA in the classroom, such as: what if you could track responses to a problem, then have a student’s computer group him/her with […]

How Many Really? BBC Dimensions

This is an amazing set of sites that lets the user explore quantitative reasoning, history, geometry, populations, environment… and a host of other disciplines through interactive comparative graphics and information. […]

This study, which is not new but was recently cited in the Department of Education meta-study of 2010, finds that students can benefit greatly from interactive video in online courses, […]

The link below will lead to a brief excerpt from the Walvoord and Anderson book: “Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning Assessment.” Many BCC faculty expressed an interest at the […]

Upcoming Workshop on Student Writing

  “CREATING WRITING ASSIGNMENTS THAT RESULT IN STUDENT PAPERS YOU WILL WANT TO READ” A Seminar with Dr. Susanmarie Harrington Director of Writing in the Disciplines and Professor of English, […]

Tim Dalton has written a thoughtful post on eportfolios. Now that eportfolios have reached some level of maturity, institutions that have adopted them encounter some definitional issues. If your institution […]

It seems that Infographics are sprouting like proverbial fungi around the Internet lately. COMMENTS PLEASE: How have you used, or could you see using, infographics in the classroom? The godfather […]