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Preparing for Interviews

Mock Interviews for students and alumni/ae

If you have an interview scheduled, or you are vigorously applying for jobs and know that soon you may schedule one, please call us to make an appointment to talk about preparation.  We can have a simple conversation about interviews,  talk about dressing for the interview (and resources for clothing),  or do a mock interview.  Call 236-1605 (Lorel Maynard) to schedule your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Susan B. Anthony, Student Development, Career Cafe


U.S. Dept of Labor video on professional attire/interview attire


How to prepare for a career fair or open house


Think of the job fair as a chance to have mini interviews.  In other words, be prepared to make your first impression, ask relevant questions, and talk about your interests and goals.


1)     Prepare.  If you know which employers or types of employers will be there, select a handful that you would like to target.  Read their websites and other online material.  Write down a question or two that you might like to ask the representative of each company/organization. You can visit other tables or booths as well, but go to the fair with intentions; it will help you to present in a professional manner.

2)  Bring a resume, several copies. Carry them in a sturdy folder or portfolio.

3)   Rehearse a couple of lines about yourself.   I am BCC Engineering student, and I would like to gain practical experience with a paid internship or summer job.  I have worked in retail and in restaurants, and now I hope to find a job closer to my career goals.  Read your resume before you go, and think about positive experiences in each job, class, or volunteer position. Then be ready to listen to questions, the other person’s answers, and to what he or she has to say about his or her field. Relax; be yourself; listen. Ask for a business card (or write down the names of people you met).  When you get home you can write follow-up letters.  (Career Services will help you with job search related correspondence.)

4)    Dress the part.  Dress as though you are going to an interview.  There are places to find low cost or no cost interview clothing.  Talk with the career counselor, in the Career Center, located in SBA, to learn about interview clothing.

REMEMBER:  Most people do not prepare adequately for career fairs.  We will help you to prepare so that you can make the best of a potentially great opportunity.  Call 236-1611 or 236-1605 to make an appointment.


Every Tuesday during the semester, 12:15-1 (except during Spring Break), we host a casual job search workshop.  Think of it as a time to walk in and ask questions about your job or internship search, without the need to make an appointment.

Questions?  Call 236-1611 or 236-1605.


Keeping it organized

            Name             Know from where?    Last contact         Follow up plan

Career Cafe today/job search

Career Cafe, Casual Job Search Workshop
For BCC Students and Alumni/ae

Tuesdays during the semester,  12:15 to 1 p.m.

 Student Development/SBA.  Bring your questions; we take it from there. 

Refreshments served.
Call 236-1611 for more information.

Or, to make an appointment to see a career counselor, call 236-1605.


Linked In for students

This page shows jobs advertised via Linked In.
BCC students who wish to learn more about how or why to use Linked In may make an appointment with the career counselor: 236-1605