Interested candidates may apply at either website, or in person at our office. We are located at 703 West Housatonic Street in Pittsfield.
The position is 24 hours; or less if necessary.
Position title: Relay Operator
Department: Massachusetts Relay
Reports to: Relay Supervisor
Position summary: Relay TTY and Voice telephone calls.
Essential functions:
·Conveys messages of all types to TTY users from voice users and vice versa.
·Enters and reads type written text on a standard computer monitor and keyboard.
·Adheres to strict confidentiality rules and standards.
·Must be 18 years of age or older.
·Stresses quality in all work situations.
·Works a variety of shifts.
·Types accurately, keep pace with the voice party and uses proper Relay procedures.
·Adheres to and uses written procedural language.
·Relays calls in a conversational manner using voice inflection, speech patterns, tone of voice, and user intent.
·Relays correct phrasing by waiting for the TTY user to type complete sentences before voicing.
·Sees situations from the relay user point of view.
·Acts in a pleasant and patient manner at all times when dealing with relay users.
·Understands directions and information given by the relay user.
·Uses common sense approaches to handling situations.
·Gives concise and accurate information to the relay user.
·Understands all concepts, techniques and requirements of the job.
·Uses“down time” to review procedures and languages, and to construct tools to help understand and reference procedures and languages.
·Offers solutions and options when presenting problems or concerns to supervisors.
·Displays a willingness to make necessary adjustments as we change or add services to relay.
·Handles crisis and emotional upset in a professional manner.
·Resolves conflict directly, quickly and completely and discuss unpleasant issues with courtesy and tact.
Other responsibilities:
·Arrives on time to all scheduled shifts.
·Works well without constant supervision.
·Volunteers for extra hours when needed.
·Actively participates in training events including Relay Operator meetings and seminars offered by the company.
·Works well as a team member.
·Performs similar work related duties as assigned.
Education, experience and skills:
·Minimum 60 words per minute typing speed with 95% accuracy.
·Minimum requirement of a GED or Equivalency.
·Ability to read, write, speak, hear and understand English well.
·Ability to read and interpret information on a standard computer monitor.
·Proficiency with computer keyboards and terminals and a basic understanding of computer terminology.
·Strong communications skills, including verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
Cindy Roughley | Massachusetts Relay Human Resources | Hamilton Telecommunications
O: 413.395.0830 | Fax: 413.395.0836
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Massachusetts Relay is free service that allows people who are Hearing, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind or Speech Disabled to communicate via the telephone. Through the use of specialized equipment, relay users communicate freely with friends, family and businesses who use a standard telephone.