Welcome to Bridge to Services.

This Bridge to Services website is still under construction as we continue to gather information and resources.

Bridge to Services provides information and outreach to the community-at-large regarding available programs and services, and helps connect individuals to the programs and services that best meet their needs as they struggle with Covid-19 challenges. 

Particular attention is directed towards supporting individuals facing heightened substance use and mental health challenges and relapse potential as a result of Covid-19 stressors; and, towards providing educational, training and employment connections to Covid-19 impacted individuals.

Bridge to Services seeks to help break down Covid-19 related barriers to wellness, self-sufficiency, and economic stability

When completed, the Bridge to Services website will provide contact information and links to services under specific Menu Headings such as Substance Use, Mental Health, Employment and Education, Wellness and Self-Care. and Abuse and Neglect.

In addition, the Community Resources Section will provide contact information and links to a broad array of services and programs including Food and Nutrition. Heating Fuel Assistance, Housing. Immigration Matters, and Legal Aid.

We hope you will find this website helpful.

Thank you.