At a loss … so I plan!

Today is the first post since I started this project where I’m not really sure what to write about.  Lately I have been rather focused on flying drones especially with the new Mavic Mini.  I hope to get more flight time over the Thanksgiving break.  I also have my nephew’s computer to fix — fix maybe isn’t the right word because it never worked in the first place.  He tried to build it himself, but had never done it before.

I was able to do a little VR on the exercise bike today, 4.46 miles to be exact.  The annoying thing is that there was a 775MB update to install before I could even start, which was frustrating.  In the shower I had the thought to write a full review on the VirZOOM software, which I will likely do next week.  I do have some ideas on how it could be improved, however I want to check the forums the product has first as my ideas may not be new.  One of the things I do really like about the VirZOOM is that the developers seem to be very active and open to updates and suggestions from users.

So, just a few more days to go before the Thanksgiving break!

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