The Microanatomy of Angiosperm Leaves

Monocotyledonous Leaves


a. The  Xerophytic Monocotyledonous Leaf of Yucca  40x

b. The Xerophytic Monocotyledonous Leaf of Yucca  100x

c. Mesophyll Arrangement in Yucca Leaf  100x

d. Mesophyll Arrangement at Yucca Leaf Tip  400x

e. Heavily Cutinized Epidermis of Yucca Leaf  400x

f. Epidermal Papilla in Yucca Leaf  400x

g. Sunken Stomata in Yucca Leaf  400x

h. Starch Sheaths of Vascular Bundles in Yucca  400x

i. Cutinized Shelves Above Sunken Stomata in Yucca Leaf  400x

j. Peripheral Abaxial Vascular Bundle in Yucca Leaf  400x

k. Central Vascular Bundle in Yucca Leaf  400x

l.  Phloem in Central Vascular Bundle of Yucca  400x

m. Sclerenchyma Cap and Starch Sheath in Yucca  400x


a. The Xerophytic Monocotyledonous Leaf of Ammophila  40x

b. The Xerophytic Monocotyledonous Leaf of Ammophila  100x

c. Abaxial Surface in Ammophila  400x

d. Adaxial Surface in Ammophila  400x

e. Vascular Bundles in Ammophila  400x

f. Stomata in Adaxial Grooves in Ammophila  400x

g. Sclerenchymized Leaf Tip in Ammophila  400x


a. The Monocotyledonous Leaf of Zea   100x

b. Substomatal Chambers in Zea Leaf  400x

c.  Bulliform Cells in Zea Leaf   400x

d. . Epidermal Trichome in Zea Leaf  400x

e. Unspecialized Mesophyll in Zea Leaf  400x

f. Bundle Sheaths in Zea Leaf  400x

g. Closed and Collateral Vascular Bundle in Zea Leaf  400x


Dicotyledonous Leaves: Mesophytes


a. The Mesophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Syringa  100x

b. Midrib and Leaf Blade in Syringa  100x

c.  Leaf Blade in Syringa  100x

d. Vascular Bundle in Leaf Blade of Syringa  100x

e. Mesophyll Arrangement in Syringa Leaf  100x

f. Mesophyll Arrangement in Syringa Leaf  400x

g. Upper and Lower Epidermis in Syringa Leaf  400x

h. Stomata in Upper Epidermis of Syringa Leaf  400x

i. Stomata in Lower Epidermis of Syringa Leaf  400x

j. Bundle Sheath in Syringa Leaf  400x

k. Peltate Trichome in Syringa Epidermis  400x

l. Midrib Vascular Bundle of Syringa Leaf  400x

m. Cambium in Midrib Vascular Bundle of Syringa  400x

n. Smaller Vascular Bundle in Leaf Blade of Syringa  400x


a. The Mesophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Ligustrum  40x

b. The Mesophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Ligustrum  100x

c. Midrib Tissues in Ligustrum Leaf  400x

d. Mesophyll Arrangement in Ligustrum  400x

e. Midrib Vascular Tissues in Ligustrum  400x

f. Midrib Bundle Sheath in Ligustrum  400x

g. Midrib Sclerenchyma in Ligustrum  400x

h. Abaxial Midrib Collenchyma in Ligustrum  400x

i. Substomatal Chambers in Ligustrum  400x

j. Adaxial Epidermis in Ligustrum  400x

k. Peltate Trichome in Abaxial Epidermis of Ligustrum  400x

l. Abaxial Epidermis and Guard Cells in Ligustrum Leaf  400x


Dicotyledonous Leaves: Hydrophytes


a.The Hydrophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Potamogeton 100x

b. Mesophyll Arrangement in The Hydrophyte Potamogeton 100x

c. Mesophyll  Arrangement in the Hydrophyte Potamogeton  400x

d. Stomata in Adaxial Epidermis of the Hydrophyte Potamogeton  400x

e. Spongy Mesophyll and Abaxial Epidermis in The Hydrophyte Potamogeton  400x

f. Midrib Vascular Bundle in The Hydrophyte Potamogeton  400x

g. Bundle Sheath and Sclerenchyma in Potamogeton Leaf  400x

h. Secondary Vascular Bundle in the Hydrophyte Potamogeton  400x


a. The Hydrophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Nymphaea  40x

b. Adaxial Midrib in Nymphaea  100x

c. Abaxial Midrib in Nymphea  100x

d. Mesophyll Arrangement in Nymphaea Midrib  100x

e. Adaxial Epidermis and Stomata in Nymphea  400x

f. Stomatal Pits in Nymphaea  400x

g. Palisade Mesophyll in Nymphea  400x

h. Astroscleroids Throughout Mesophyll in Nymphaea  100x

i. Angiosperm Leaf: Large Palisade Astroscleroid in Nymphaea  400x

j. Astroscleroid in Nymphea  400x

k. Astroscleroid in Nymphaea  400x

l. Midrib Vascular Bundles in Nymphaea  100x

m. Perivascular Tannin Cells in Nymphaea Leaf  400x

n.  Leaf Blade Vascular Bundle in Nymphea  400x

0. Abaxial Midrib Collenchyma in Nymphea  100x

p. Abaxial Midrib Collenchyma in Nymphaea Leaf  400x

q. Abaxial Mucous Gland in Nymphaea Leaf  400x


Dicotyledonous Leaves: Xerophytes


a. The Xerophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Ficus  40x

b. The Xerophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Ficus  40x

c. Upper Epidermis in Ficus Leaf  100x

d. Mesophyll Arrangement in Ficus Leaf  100x

e. Lithocyst in Upper Epidermis in Ficus Leaf  400x

f. Lower Epidermis in Ficus Leaf  100x

g. Stomatal Pits in Lower Epidermis of Ficus Leaf  100x

h. Lower Epidermis in Ficus Leaf  400x

i. Spongy Mesophyll in Ficus Leaf  100x

j. Midrib Vein in Leaf of Ficus  100x

k. Leptocentric Vascular Bundles in Ficus  100x

l. Sclerenchyma Caps in Ficus Vascular Bundles  400x

m. Lactifers in Ficus Vascular Bundles  400x

n. Cytoliths in Ficus Vascular Bundles  400x

o. Bundle Sheath in Ficus Vascular Bundle  400x


a. The Xerophytic Dicotyledonous Leaf of Nerium  100x

b. Midrib Vascular Bundle in Nerium  400x

c. Midrib Xylem, Phloem and Parenchyma in Nerium  400x

d. Adaxial Cuticle and Epidermis in Nerium  400x

e. Mesophyll in Nerium  400x

f. Leaf Tip in Nerium  400x

g. Secondary Vascular Bundles in Nerium  400x

h. Stomatal Pits in Nerium  400x

i. Midrib Abaxial Collenchyma in Nerium  400x