Bring Us Your Bulbs! (Light Bulbs, That Is!)

Thanks to a collaboration with MassSave, the BCC Green Team will be hosting a FREE LED light bulb exchange this week.  Our goal is to help people to save money and energy while reducing consumption and carbon emissions.

We will be accepting old bulbs from students, faculty, and staff in exchange for a shiny new LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb.  They have a 20+ year lifetime!  As there are limited supplies, we are asking participants to initially limit themselves to one exchange.  If there are LED bulbs remaining toward the end of the program, the Green Team will open it up for “seconds.”  These bulbs can be used at work, at school, or at home!

Exchange Dates and Locations:

Tuesday, November 17: 11am-1pm in BCC cafeteria

Wednesday, November 18: 11am-1pm in BCC cafeteria; 4pm-6pm in F208

Thursday, November 19: 11am-1pm in BCC cafeteria; 4pm-6pm in F208

If you cannot make it to one of these exchanges, please contact Charlie Kaminski (ext. 2105) to make other arrangements.  Please click here for additional information on MassSave and the bulb exchange.