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MCLA Green Living Seminar Series Starts TONIGHT! Forum Credit Available

Cultivating a Sustainable Food System:  The MCLA Green Living Seminar Series “Cultivating a Sustainable Food System” is this year’s 11-week Green Living Seminar series that will consider the broad implications of our how food is produced, transported and consumed.  Kicking off this series is “Creating Sustainable Food Systems,” presented by Philip Ackerman-Leist, associate professor of […]

Putting a Value on the Effects of Climate Change: The Social Cost of Carbon and New Energy Tax Policies

Many thanks to our own Mary Parkman for this information!  The U.S. Office of Management and Budget is accepting comments on raising the social cost of carbon from the 2010 level of $24 per metric ton of carbon dioxide to $37 per metric ton. The social cost of carbon is defined as the value to society of reducing carbon […]

2014 Statewide Pay Advice Challenge

The CFO of Massachusetts has challenged community colleges across the state to go Direct Deposit and read their pay advice (or what I like to call, a pay stub) online.  Printing out the pay checks and advices generates over 7 tons of trash annually across the state.  BCC alone sends almost 87 pounds to the […]