Winter Wildlife: The Feisty Red Fox

While posting green tips for the holidays would seem like a relevant post this time of year, here is something a little different to make us smile and remind us that we share this planet with some pretty incredible creatures.

The red fox, whose population is widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, is known to jump through many feet of snow to locate its prey.  This jumping, called mousing, is quite delightful to watch as the red fox leaps high into the air and plummets into the snow, snout-first.  The red fox’s hunting ability has been attributed to its keen sense of hearing, but scientists suggest that the foxes also use the Earth’s magnetic fields to pinpoint its prey.

Say what you will about foxes, this video is pretty darn entertaining.


Thanks to Mother Nature Network and the Discovery Channel for the information!

Red Foxes Hunting Secrets Revealed!