Final Recyclemania Results!

The final results are in for the Recyclemania Tournament, and BCC finished 17th in the nation out of 266 colleges and universities, with a 55.5% recycling rate (a jump from 26th in the nation last year).  We finished 2nd out of 24 schools in the state of Massachusetts.  Congratulations to the Mass Maritime Academy (#1 in Massachusetts and #3 in the nation with an 82% recycling rate).  And congratulations to American University (#1 overall with an 85% recycling rate).  During the “offseason” we’ll try to come up with ways to improve to a 60% recycling rate next year.  We’ll also be “recruiting” for ideas (contact me or leave a comment in this site).


Green Team Partner Highlight: CET

The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has been in existence since 1976 engaging in work that demonstrates and promotes practical, affordable solutions to the environmental challenges encountered in our daily activities. They offer all types of services and opportunities to the public as part of their mission. To see more about their upcoming events, follow this link:

Did you ever wonder where our recycled paper goes?

As you walk around campus and see the multitude of small blue paper recycling buckets, have you ever wondered where the paper that you put in them goes?

Here at BCC, we have a contract with CET, the Center for EcoTechnology ( Each week, they come and pick up the large plastic plastic toters of paper we recycle and bring it to Erving Industries in Erving,  MA. There, it is recycled into tissue and other papers. Jamie Cahillane, who works as the Manager of Recycling Services and Waste Reduction at CET, sits on our campus Green Team and recently went to the  Erving Industries facility. He’s forwarded on some pictures so we can see where the paper we recycle at here at the College winds up. Enjoy!

NOTE: You click on the thumbnails below to get a larger more detailed image.